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Firefighter and Union Leader tells ALL about Detroit’s epidemic and why it’s still burning every day. #21

Mike “Myke” Nevin is a second generation firefighter with 30+ years of service to the city of Detroit. With the crazy amount of fires Detroit experiences daily (three times higher than any other city), many wonder how this epidemic has continued to spread. On Spooky Hourz Podcast #21 host Jordan Garland was fortunate enough to sit down with someone like Mike who knows the INs and OUTs of everything the firefighters, police, and EMS endure in Detroit. From being severely undermanned and underpaid, to lacking the proper equipment and medical treatment for themselves, the world is unaware of the craziness that occurs every day in the city of Detroit. Listen to this podcast for an eye opening conversation that shows just how far the comeback city has actually come, and if it can go further.


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