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Virtual Reality, Nerf wars, and dodgeball arenas.. Connor Mcgaffey talks about his businesses Spooky Hourz Podcast #24 Feat. Glenn Urquhart

There are plenty of crazy ideas that spark the career of entrepreneurs, each journey being unique in its own way. Connor Mcgaffey owns and operates a business in Detroit known as the Detroit Dart Club. They specialize in NERF gun Battle Arenas. From children on school trips, to corporate parties that are happy to be out of the office, his location has brought a smile to the faces of Metro Detroit’s for years as they battle it out with Nerf Weapons. Hear about his journey to creating such a unique business and everything that comes with it, as well as his plans for Detroit VR, by listening to the latest Spooky Hourz Podcast from Jordan Garland. The podcast also features Glenn Urquhart of the Detroit Artists Test Lab. Enjoy.


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