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The Controversial world of Rooftopping.

This week on the podcast we dive into a realm that has played a major role in my life and my successes, as well as my failures- ROOFTOPPING. This counter culture exploded onto the scene less than a decade ago, although videos and photos of the act have been seen by hundreds of millions of people, it’s a small community that probably contains just thousands of participants worldwide. In this discussion myself (Jordan Garland), Ryan Draybuck (photographer) and Kevin Zarycki (co-host) discuss many of our crazy NEVER been revealed stories about “rooftopping” and urban exploring. From investigations, to near death experiences, this one is full of compelling adventures you won’t be hearing about elsewhere.

Again I want to state I am no longer involved in this community, and haven’t been for a couple years now, I do not support or condone this behavior, I’m a neutral observer just sharing my lived experiences.


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